Rain falls. The Investigator mourns Mister Spy. "The Gun, The Knight, The Whore" introduce themselves. The Steward is discussed.⁠

This week features Erik Ferris and Glenn Dubois of Massive Hitbox as Investigator Svenson and The Gun.⁠

Credits available at www.scaredshirtlesstees.com

The Greenville Shop Local Council meets in the Library.  Instead of campaign business, the Council Members would rather discuss their purchases at The Chain.  Mister Klutz acquiesces.  Miss Stone admires his tie pin.

Episode Credits available at www.scaredshirtlesstees.com

Investigator Svenson has noticed all the strange things happening in Greenville, and he thinks he knows the source.  Mister Spy takes his turn going into The Chain.  The Shopkeep is pleasantly malicious, and The Steward delivers.

Episode credits available at www.scaredshirtlesstees.com

The Steward makes a friend and follower, Mister Klutz, who starts something in Greenville that quickly gets bigger than himself. The Shopkeep is delighted by many new customers.⁠

Full Credits available at www.scaredshirtlesstees.com

Much to the Shopkeep's incredulity, an unsatisfied customer returns to The Chain.  What will the Steward think of the way his Artifact was treated, and what will become of Mister Matters?

Full Credits available at www.scaredshirtlesstees.com

The Steward is an eldritch being; immortal, unchanging, and haunted, but also fascinated by humans and their little lives. The Steward creates Places and Things. Ideas float past them and are made solid. In this teaser episode, you'll meet The Steward and learn a little bit about what they bring to the small town of Greenville.

Series begins Oct 1.

Episode Credits available @ scaredshirtlesstees.com

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